A/C Energy Efficiency

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Understanding S.E.E.R. Ratings: 


The Higher the S.E.E.R. rating the Greater the energy savings!

The minimum federal requirement standard is a 14 S.E.E.R., as of 2015. This minimum rating is approximately 30% more efficient than the 2006 previous standard of a 10 S.E.E.R. unit.

Energy_Star_Logo15 A/C Energy EfficiencyDeciding on the best rating for your new air conditioner?

As stated, the minimum rating is a 14 S.E.E.R. If your existing air conditioner is more than eight years old, you will save a minimum of 30% of your current cooling spending just by replacing the unit with today’s standard unit.  If you install a higher S.E.E.R. unit, the percentage of savings will increase.

Find out your potential energy savings with the Home Energy Saver Calculator

Green-tips-tricks-w-lighbulb-1024x1024 A/C Energy Efficiency9 Energy Saving Tips: 

  • Schedule maintenance service 2x a year

  • Program your thermostat. Click here to learn more
  • Install a whole house fan to cool your home when the outside temperature is cooler than the inside temperature
  • Ensure your home is adequately insulated, weather sealed for air leaks, double pane windows, & heavy window coverings
  • Keep your outside condenser clear of vegetation, loose leaves, & debris 
  • Close blinds on windows facing the sun to avoid an added heat load
  • Utilize the fan function on your thermostat 
  • Keep vents open and clear of furnishings 
  • Replace your filter at least twice a year