Air Purifiers

AirQuality--1024x360 Air Purifiers

The air purifier is installed next to your furnace and works with the heating and air conditioning system. Air passes through the thick filter media cleaning the air giving you a more healthy and comfortable home. The filter media only needs to be replaced once a year unlike typical air filters that should be replaced, at minimum, every six months.

Keep your home healthy by eliminating: Air-cleaner-filter-and-casing-1017x1024 Air Purifiers

  • Allergy Irritants such as pollen & pet dander
  • Harmful bacteria to reduce sickness and infection
  • Duct mites by eliminating the airborne dust they inhabit
  • Airborne mold spores which can cause illness & home damage
Let us match the perfect air purifier to fit your needs to transform your home to a HEALTHY HOME!

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