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Canyon Air is proud to offer Heating Repair Service & Installations to Covina residents

shutterstock_92869939-e1482351891588-911x1024 Covina HeatingServing Covina since 1979, Canyon Air has installed thousands of new and replacement units.  We offer quality heating & cooling equipment and service at an honest affordable price. Canyon Air’s equipment specialists and installation teams are highly trained in all of the latest equipment.

Free In-Home Estimates:

Our goal to build lifelong customers with quality service and honest prices starts here. With our company’s President & VP overseeing each installation, you are sure to have professional and personalized care from start to finish. We have been serving the Covina and the greater San Gabriel Valley area since 1979 and cannot wait to meet you! Call us today and schedule your free appointment!Connecting-duct-in-ceiling-711x1024 Covina Heating

We offer replacement and new installations for your home. So whether you need your old system replaced or want to install central air for the first time, we are here to help. Our installation teams are ready to make your home a more comfortable one with experience in split systems, heat pumps, fan coils,  ductless systems, package units, and ducting installations. Have a wall heater? We also offer removal and replacement of wall heaters.

If your system is over ten years old, the standard system today will provide you with energy saving and safety benefits. Or choose from our high efficiency options for even greater savings. Now is a great time to start saving on your energy costs!

Canyon Air Specialties:

For over the last 35 years, Canyon Air has offered repair services for all makes and models for Covina residents

We believe that your heating comfort system should always operate at peak efficiency. An efficient system will not only run properly, but it will save energy and in turn save you money. Unlike our maintenance program, Canyon Air’s repair service is designed to diagnose and repair broken or under performing systems.

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Our Trained Technicians 

  • NATE Certified
  • Minimum of Five Years Experience as Service Technicians
  • Drive Fully Stocked Vans with Generic Part Stock to Repair Same Day
  • EPA Certified
  • Registered IHACI Members

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Our heating maintenance service is focused on making sure your system performs safely and at peak efficiency. Our service technicians thoroughly perform each item on our performance check list to ensure your furnace is prepared for the cold winter months.

Performance Check List: Gas-Burners-1024x768 Covina Heating

  • Check Safeties
  • Clean and Check Burners
  • Check Pilot Flame for Even Burner Ignition
  • Inspect Blower Motor, Wheel, and Housing
  • Check Blower Wheel for Balanced Rotation
  • Check Thermostat Terminal Connections
  • Inspect, Clean, and Tighten Electrical Terminals
  • Inspect Heat Exchanger for Cracks & Stress Marks
  • Perform Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Check Inducer Draft Motor
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Replace Filter(s)
  • Cycle Heating

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8 Heating Energy Saving Tips:Save-energy-w-leaf-green-blue-1-e1482191579648-1024x313 Covina Heating

  • Schedule maintenance service 2x a year
  • Program your thermostat. Click here to learn more
  • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower
  • Wear warm clothes & put that closet of blankets to good use
  • Ensure your home is adequately insulated and weather sealed for air leaks
  • Keep the windows and attached garages closed
  • Keep vents open and clear of furnishings
  • Replace your filter at least twice a year