Preventative Maintenance

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Keep Warm and Toasty This Winter!

NOW Is The Time To Schedule A Heating Maintenance Service!

shutterstock_132626027-e1473975166894-596x1024 Preventative MaintenanceIs your heater ready to run safely and efficiently! Peace of mind & efficiency are key to home comfort so we have created a maintenance program designed specifically to care for your comfort all year long

Much like a car, a heating & cooling system needs routine maintenance to run at peak efficiency. Your car’s performance, longevity and MPG is affected by how well it is maintained. A car with proper maintenance will last longer, save money on repair costs and save money on fuel every time it is driven. The same is true for your heating and cooling system. Your system has motors, a compressor, refrigerant levels, electrical components, and much more that would benefit from routine maintenance. These benefits include: lower utility bills, prolonged life of equipment, less repair cost, and peace of mind.  A properly maintained system will save money every time you use it.

 Start saving money the next time you turn your system on by signing up for Canyon Air’s Maintenance Program Today! 

Maintenance Program Benefits: 

  • No Contract
  • FREE Filter*
  • Friendly Reminder Calls to Schedule
  • 5% Off Service Repair Calls Repairs**
  • No Overtime Fees on Service Repair Calls
*1″ Disposable (Up to a $8.00 value).**Discount not applied to our diagnostic fee.

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