My system is not working. What can I check before I schedule an appointment?

  • Is the thermostat set correctly?
  • Are the batteries in the thermostat good (for battery operated thermostats only)?
  • Is the filter compartment blocked?
  • Is the filter dirty?
  • Is the outdoor unit dirty, plugged, or blocked?
  • Has the breaker tripped?

Things to keep in mind:

  • The a/c will cool your home at most 21º cooler than the outside temperature which means on a 100° day your home may cool to 79°
  • The heater has a safety feature that will delay it from starting up too quickly after it has recently turned off (delay times vary; most common is 2-5 minutes)
  • Added heat load such as a hot attic, poor insulation, or windows that are sun facing, single pane, or lightly covered may contribute to more frequent use of your air conditioner