What if my R-22 system has a refrigerant leak?

When more than three pounds of refrigerant is needed, we recommend converting the refrigerant to an approved replacement refrigerant after the leak is repaired. It is an investment to save money in future refrigerant costs.

Other options once the leak is repaired include:

  • Repairing the leak then adding R-22 refrigerant until it is no longer available at potentially a higher cost than converting to the replacement refrigerant.
    • Replacing R-22 refrigerant with new refrigerant will be an investment for your existing unit.
  • Replacing the equipment which will come with the new EPA approved R-410 refrigerant.
    • If your unit is 15 years or older and/or in poor condition, we recommend replacing the unit due to potential future repair cost.

Call us to schedule an evaluation so we may suggest a customized recommendation just for you!